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Landscape Photography/Camera Editing Software/Taking Your Photography Further
To photograph a good landscape image a sturdy tripod is essential,due to the fact that you will be using slower shutter speeds,this will help to stop camera shake.Camera shake is the natural movement of your hands.Set your camera to Aperture Priority and choose F16 or F22 to ensure a deep depth of field and to keep everything in the image sharp.Try to shoot in Raw format if your camera allows this,as you will be able to get the maximum amount of information from the image file.The photograph can be converted to Jpeg after editing.Including foreground interest helps to give the image a sense of scale,also try to look for unusual angles to shoot from.Photographing at first and last light will enhance your photography as you can capture wonderful hues in your shots.Living in the Southeast of England I have great subject matter to choose from,whatever region you are photographing the most important thing is try out new ideas and have FUN.
Photo Editing Software.
Most cameras ship with photo editing software but the capabilities of these packages are often very limited.There are however some very good low cost or free programs on the market.The best is Photoshop Elements which retails for about seventy pounds and allows you to be very creative with your images, the tools in this software seem almost endless.Elements can only be beaten by the full version Photoshop,which is the choice of many professional photographers but the cost is out of the reach of many people with this software.A very good freeware program with many of the tools of Elements is Gimp.It has a vast amount of tools and can be downloaded for free at great program is Google Picasa the tools in this software often exceed those that come with cameras and it comes free.To download Picasa type Google Picasa into your browser and this will bring up the download page.Another method is to go to the Google Homepage and click on About Google and then click on Google Services And Tools.
Taking Your Photography Further
If you find you have got the photography bug and you want to improve your skills, what are your options?.First of all try to use your camera as much as possable and get used to all the settings,so that using it becomes second nature.You could enrole for a course on photography,these can be found in magazines or on the internet but these can be costly and it is a good idea to check out the company running the the course before parting with any money.Subscribing to a magazine will give you a wealth of ideas and tips and also keep you up to date with all the latest camera equipment and trends.A great option is to join a local camera club where you will find like minded people from beginners to photographers of a pro standard,who will be more than pleased to help and encourage you
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